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The sustainable mega-trends of net-zero carbon emissions and the circular economy

This course, conducted by China Culture University, examines the intersection of net-zero carbon emissions and the circular economy. Taught by interdisciplinary professors, it analyzes global impacts, explores innovative solutions, and emphasizes stakeholder roles. Content is in English, with collaboration with Vietnamese experts.

Available in Ewant、Futurelearn

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Circular Economy and Sustainability in Fashion Industry

Taught by Professor Chan Tsung-Yu from Fu Jen Catholic University, this course explores sustainable practices in the fashion industry. It covers topics such as circular economy principles, material sustainability, and the role of design brands in sustainability. Students gain insights into integrating sustainability into various sectors through real-life and industry case studies. The course includes 8 hours of video content and requires basic knowledge and computer skills. Materials are in English, aligning with global trends and catering to New Southbound countries' interests.

Available in Ewant、Futurelearn

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Sustainability Net Zero Technology and Management Practice

Taught by experts from Tunghai University, this course explores advanced sustainability technologies and practices. Topics include carbon capture, smart carbon management, and renewable energy. With 9 hours of video content over 9 weeks, the course aims to address key sustainability challenges. Materials are in English, designed to appeal to a global audience.

Available in Ewant、Futurelearn

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Sustainable Circular Economy Series

These courses are aligned with the United Nations' "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," focusing on 17 interconnected goals. They are structured around the social, economic, and environmental dimensions, with an emphasis on "net zero carbon emissions" and "circular economy," aiming to educate learners on sustainable circular economy practices.

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Feature Course

Discover courses offering invaluable insights into Taiwan's culture and environment. Whether you're planning to study or work in Taiwan, immersing yourself in this series ensures a smoother adjustment and greater success.

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